The company D.G.R.

National and international distribution

D.G.R. Costruzioni Divisione Trasmissioni Industriali snc
D.G.R. Costruzioni Divisione Trasmissioni Industriali snc

D.G.R. operates throughout Italy. Since its foundation in 1979, the company has elevated its business to the highest quality levels, amplifying its technical and managerial skills.

D.G.R. has got a highly specialised, modern organisation that makes it easy for customers to benefit from qualified after-sales service able to satisfy any kind of request and support need.

The company consists of:

  • Production unit -> comprising specialised members that have been present in the company for many years
  • Business -> operating on the domestic and foreign market
  • Administrative office -> able to identify the best type of product for each customer's individual need


Core Business
The main fields of application:

  • plastics machinery;
  • food machinery;
  • packing and packaging machinery;
  • textile, paper, metal, etc. machinery
  • decoilers
  • recoilers
  • metal and plastic film unwinding machines
  • tensioning machines


If you need to wrap or unwrap, our competitiveness has earned us the perfect system, envied around the world.


DIVISIONI TRASMISSIONI INDUSTRIALI (Industrial Transmissions Division) because we sell components for the motion transmission industry.

OUR LOGO contains an electronic component called a DIODE

CONSTRUCTION because as we are specialised in component assembly in the construction of a product

ENGINEERING and SOLUTIONS because we design and find the best solution for the customer.


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