Solutions for mixers

D.G.R. Mixers

Asynchronous engine with the D.G.R. coupling and electronic control board

The D.G.R. solution was chosen because it makes working at a constant speed with torque control possible.
The D.G.R. drive does not transmit heat and eliminates oil leakage caused by the mounting of a mechanical drive.
This advantage makes it easy to avoid contaminating the product to be mixed.
Furthermore, it is easy to install without specialised personnel.

Below you can download a descriptive sheet in PDF format.


D.G.R. Mixers video

Below is a video illustration of D.G.R.'s Mixers in operation


Examples of applications

GFDF2/AR application exmaple.
Used on paper processing paper machines.

Example of GFDF2/AR's application. Used on paper processing machines

Application on a filtration machine.

Application on a filtration machine

Application for solution mixers.

Application for solution mixers

Application on cable winding machine.

Application on cable winding machine

GFDS4 brake for unwinding machines.

GFDS4 brake for unwinding machines

Electrical control panel and inherent power for two in-line winders.

Electrical control panel and inherent power for two in-line winders
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